Venice Canals in Los Angeles, California USA

Venice Canals Los Angeles

Venice Canals, a charming hidden gem in Los Angeles, within the vibrant cityscape of Southern California. It was developed inspired by the canals of Venice, Italy. It’s a set of six canals surrounded by beautiful walkways. It’s a quiet residential area. It is worth visiting the place and relaxing for a moment. Venice Canals is ideal for an evening stroll with loved ones or someone special. It’s really enjoyable to walk the bridges and sidewalkways, observe whatever wildlife is active, and see the houses. Most of the bridges are decorated along with some of the barges. It shows its real beauty at dusk.

Venice Canals Location & Parking:

Venice Canals Location


Venice Calas is located in Venice, California 90292. It’s a 7-minute walking distance from Venice Beach.


There are different types of parking lots here. You can park your car at 3100 Washington Boulevard, Venice, CA 90291. You can also rent a privet parking lot near Windward Ave. The privet parking lot costs $5-$15 per day.

History of Venice Canals

Venice Beach Canals in Los Angeles

The Venice Canals are named after the famous Venice city of Italy. Abbot Kinney, who went to Europe for his study purpose at the age of 16. A walking tour took him to the city of Venice, Italy. After completing his studies, he came back to America and started his career. Later he started a business in property development. At that moment he recalled the famous city of Venice and took the project of building the Venice City of America in 1905. Venice Canals are part of Venice city.

Venice Canals are the two sets of 13 canals. The main set of seven canals were named by Abbot Kinney. They are Aldebaren Canal, Altair Canal, Cabrillo Canal, Coral Canal, Grand Canal, Lion Canal, and Venus Canal in Coastal Los Angeles country. The other set of canals has two parts named east-west canals and north-south canals.

Howland Canal, Carroll Canal, Linnie Canal, and Sherman Canal are the four canals of east-west canals. And, The Eastern Canal and Grand Canal are the two north-south canals. These 6 canals were originally known as the New Amsterdam Canals. Howland Canal and Sherman Canal were named after two land owners Howland, Sherman, and Clark.

The main set of seven canals was filled in 1929 to make room for paved roads when cars quickly gained popularity and the canals were viewed by many as outdated. The other set of 6 canals remained and had fallen in disrepair. As a result, the famous city was going poor day by day. More than 40 years later, the canals were finally renovated and drained, and new sidewalks and walls were built in 1992. In 1993, When the canals reopened, the city began to be an expensive residential city again.

Best Time to Visit:

Venice Canals in Los Angeles, California USA

As the weather in Los Angeles is mostly calm, You can visit Venice canals all year round. Summer and spring are the best time to see and enjoy the canals most. I love and recommend to others the spring season to visit here. Because the trees bloom full of brim beside the walkways at that time. You’ll also see the ducks with their cute babies in springtime.

If you visit on July 4th weekend, you’ll witness the most interesting ducky contest and boat parade. Oh! it’s important to remember that the ducks are not real, they are artificial rubber ducks. For more updates about the events, you can see their official website. You can also go in December when the property owners decorate their houses as well as the bridges.

Things to do in Venice Canals:

Venice Beach Canals in Los Angeles

Venice Canals Walkway:

Venice Canals is a beautiful place to take a walk on the different bridges and paths behind the houses. The walking paths run alongside private homes, also nicely decorated by different types of flower trees and wall paintings. There are several narrow bridges over the canals. You’ll enjoy the peaceful nature of the beautiful scenery of the canals.

If you want to walk all around the canals, it’ll take only 40-50 minutes. If you plan a full-day vacation, I recommend spending most of your time in Venice Beach. You’ll find an amazing sunset view there. After sunset, you may come to the canals. The real beauty of the canals shows at dusk. Whether you want to spend more time here, you can plan to rent a property along the canals. It starts at a minimum cost of $200.

Venice Canals Boat Ride:

Boat riding is a popular activity for those who want to spend more time here. As Venice Canals is a private living area, there are no commercial activities here. If you want to ride a boat here, you have to bring your own. You can’t bring a motorized or big boat here. The maximum size of your boat will be 18 feet long and 6 feet wide.

Taking Instagram-Worthy Selfie:

If you are active on Instagram and want a perfect selfie with the stunning beauty, this place is for you. In spring time the beauty comes more with the beautiful flowers all around. Don’t miss the dusk photo of the canals and the bridges behind you. Remember that the houses are private property and that people are living there. So, don’t try to go inside to take any photos. Even if you want to get permission, they will get it pain.

Try some foods:

The neighborhood of the canals are food paradise. There are a variety of foods here including Italian, Mexican, Japanese, and so on. And, the main thing here is to try a variety of amazing sea foods. You’ll find incredible pizzas and locally sourced veggies are worth trying.

Exploring Nearby Attractions:

Venice Beach Sunset

While the Venice Canals is a small place to visit, there are plenty of other attractions nearby waiting to explore. Just a five-minute stroll away lies the iconic Venice Beach, Boardwalk, world-class surfing, Muscle Beach, and Marina del Rey. Take a leisurely bike ride along the Marvin Braude Bike Trail, which stretches for miles along the coastline, offering breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean.

For art enthusiasts, the nearby Abbot Kinney Boulevard is a must-visit destination. It’s very popular for trendy boutiques, art galleries, and hip cafes catering to the city’s creative crowd. Be sure to check out the Venice Art Crawl, a quarterly event that showcases the vibrant arts scene in the area.

The Venice Farmers Market is also near the canals. This market is famous for fresh local products. Give your dearest one a beautiful fresh-cut flower from here. You can also buy some local honey and fragrant lavender from here. It’s operational time is 7 am to 11 am on every Friday.

In conclusion, the Venice Canals offer a unique and picturesque experience for visitors. With its charming walkways, beautiful bridges, and serene waterways, it is a true gem within the city. The canals provide a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of urban life, allowing people to relax and enjoy the tranquil surroundings. Whether you’re taking a leisurely stroll, enjoying a boat ride, or simply admiring the stunning architecture, the Venice Canals are a must-visit destination that showcases the beauty and charm of this vibrant city.

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