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The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Cheapest Day to Book Flights

In the ever-evolving landscape of air travel, the search for the perfect day to book flights can be perplexing. Common advice, such as booking on Tuesdays or Sundays, might be outdated, as airlines now employ diverse strategies. This article delves into recent studies to unveil the truth about the best day to book flights and provides practical tips for snagging the most budget-friendly airfares.

The Myth of a Specific Day:

Gone are the days when Tuesdays were considered the golden ticket for cheap flights. While historical trends played a role, recent studies paint a more nuanced picture. According to Expedia’s recent study, Sundays have consistently emerged as the day offering the best flight deals. However, a 2022 Google study suggests that no specific day guarantees the best prices. The key takeaway? Be vigilant, as flight deals can surface any day of the week.

The Best Time to Book International Flights:

For international travel, timing is crucial. Expedia’s study recommends booking at least six months in advance to save an average of 10%. Google’s insights further refine this, suggesting that flights to Europe may have the best deals around 129 days before departure, while flights to Mexico and the Caribbean could see lower prices 59 days out. The key to international travel savings is a combination of early booking and monitoring price drops.

The Sweet Spot for Domestic Flights:

Good news for procrastinators: domestic flights don’t require as much foresight. Both Expedia and Google studies agree that the sweet spot for booking domestic flights is between 28 to 44 days before departure. Waiting until the last minute isn’t advisable, but booking at least 21 days in advance ensures a balance between availability and affordability.

No One-Size-Fits-All Approach:

The essence of finding the cheapest day to book flights lies in recognizing that there isn’t a universal formula. Airlines discount fares to fill seats, often due to factors like new route launches or overpriced flights with many empty seats. Being flexible with your travel dates and staying alert to promotions and price drops are your best allies.

Practical Tips for Budget-Friendly Flights:

1. Track Prices for Drops:

  • Utilize Google Flights’ price tracking tool to monitor fluctuations.
  • Set up trackers for specific dates or flexible travel periods.

2. Last-Minute Strategies:

  • Consider flying to/from alternate airports.
  • Embrace less popular flight times, such as early mornings or late nights.
  • Be open to changing planes for potential cost savings.

3. Spontaneity as a Strategy:

  • Use Google Flights’ Explore tool for spontaneous trips.
  • Input your departure airport, leave the destination blank, and click “Explore” to discover the lowest costs worldwide.


In the pursuit of the cheapest day to book flights, flexibility, vigilance, and a willingness to adapt to changing circumstances are your greatest assets. By staying informed, utilizing tracking tools, and being open to unconventional strategies, you can navigate the dynamic world of airfare and secure the best deals for your travels. Remember, the perfect day to book is the day the price is right. Safe travels!

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